San Francisco..about to go for iftar

It’s the first day of ramadhan-and i just got back from terawih.  I love Ramadhan more than Syawal..the heightened spirit of togetherness amongst Muslims is so obvious during this holy month. We often or sometimes take for granted the common bond that we have as Muslims, but during this month- it will be reignited as millions of Muslims observe the fasting month of Ramadhan all across the globe.

The roads around Masjid Besar Shah Alam was so busy, the parking space in the compound of the mosque that used to be enough during the rest of the year was just now filled with cars, till I had to park on the pavement by the road! 

I stepped out of my car and joined my fellow sisters and brothers who were also making their way to the mosque…all for one purpose. Very moving.

As I walked.. my thoughts were on my parents in Mecca and my siblings. And how I cant wait to have iftar together with the entire family.I’m missing my parents terribly.

Tomorrow i’ll be having iftar at my grandmum’s. This is the second Ramadhan that I’m not with my folks on the first day. The first time was when I was in the States, in San Francisco..quite sedih not having your family around, but it was an experience breaking fast in what I consider one of the best town in the States. I did not go for terawih though.

The second day of Ramadhan i flew out of San Fran to LA to meet my uncle. He made nasi ayam for me but unfortunately we were stuck in LA’s rush hour trafffic on the way to my uncle’s place from the airport and all I had with me were some Jelly Belly beans and Uncle Man’s mineral water. So that was my iftar 😉

Bibik just came up to ask what I’d like to have for sahur, told her not to trouble herself I’ll just have cereal and yoghurt and she gave me this puzzled look that said  “are you mad- you’ll get hungry” she dismissed me and said she’ll cook something..ok la-that works for me too hehe


Ramadhan has a special way of making even those who often neglect their duties and obligations to pull their act together. Thriving to be a better Muslim should be one’s aim every single day and not just a moments realisation..of course that’s the ideal state. Which is hard to attain.But Ramadhan makes a good launch pad.


Folks will be back Friday next week.I pray that they have a blessed Umrah.

And also for all of us to be able to make this Ramadhan better than the last, for our prayers and sujuds in submission to be accepted , and for a stronger bond between us and our Maker.


Ramadhan Mubarak everyone.