I’ve been relying on Kiki and Boo for feline love for a while now [I’m like an aunt to my brother’s cats] forever bugging my brother to bring them home for the weekend [they stay with my brothers in their apartment in Cyberia].

 For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get a cat for myself, one that stays at home with me [only stays in the house -very domesticated]. But the only problem with having a cat at home is their poo poo [yes, they can be trained] but still it’s a hassle to clean up the litter box etc. that’s my only bug bear with cats.

oh and an added concern- my house [folk’s place] has a lot of wood based furniture not to mention carpets which make great scratching spots for cats [and yes i know i can get scratch posts] but am a bit worried that the cat would get bored of it [of course la, after a while i’m sure it’ll be bosan to scratch the same old surface] and hence resort to putting their little claws on the forbidden items.

other than the above, if cats dont poop [will never happen..duh!] and they dont have this scratching habit-im more than happy to have one at home.


BUT just yesterday while I was in Bangsar , to pick up a birthday balloon for Mrs Foo [was her birthday yesterday – got her a nice clutch from Aldo too] at my favorite balloon place, Balloon Bouquets, i passed by Rainin Cats and Dogs and saw the most adorable pair of blue eyes looking out from the display cage. Brown ears, paws, tail and shade of brown on the face..I later found out that he’s a Persian Siamese mix that’s about 3-4 months old. CUTELICIOUS!

There were also 3 one year old Persians but they’re too common, and when I went back to the office and showed Mrs Foo, Madame and Tai Tai a picture of mr blue eyes-they told me to get him, he’s a rarity and I agree.

So I’ll be getting a cat!

Need to bring him in when Mum and Dad leaves for Umrah, cos it’d allow me to introduce him to the house and should there be accidents [ pray there’d be none] I can deal with it.

And when folks get back, hopefully they wont notice any difference; like funny cat smell,  fur everywhere, or scratch marks on the furniture. 

Only then will I break the news that a little kitten has been staying at home while they were away and has been an angel and did not do anything to disturb the cosy ambience at home hehe

But am quite sure once they look into those blue eyes just like i did – they’d say welcome to the family 🙂

So we’ll see.

Picking Castro up [I named him Fidel Castro- lurve it!] on Saturday. Can’t wait.