Am I having a prolonged case of Monday blues? Cos I’ve been feeling so malas the whole day, although while feeling malas..i was still very productive ;p

I blame my malas state on last night- I usually sleep like a baby, but last night was out of the ordinary. I was tossing and turning like roti canai..trying to sleep, and to make matters worst..the few minutes that was far in between that I did doze off..I had to get up for “temperature changes” ..

It all began when I misplaced/ someone moved the remote to both the air con and the fan from the bedside table. So when it got too sejuk in the room, I struggled to pull myself out of the cocoon of warmth i’ve created with my comforter..and walk to the switch to turn off the a/c…and cos i didnt know where i placed the remote to the fan, had to walk to the fan to switch it on.

Just to add to my already not so good night, after 2 hours or so it got a bit warm, and the whole process repeated.. i had to walk again to on the a/c then switch off the fan.. at this point I was ready to point a shotgun at whoever it was that moved the remotes [ i think it was my brother].

Tonight I’ll make sure that both the remotes are on the table.

Thankfully traffic this morning wasnt a b*tc*- got in, traded morning tea for kopi-o. Much needed after the roti canai episode in bed, having to face multiple tasks and also a slight case of the morning blues.

Bring on Tuesday!