Another hen night passed last Friday..Sarah J is getting hitched this Saturday at the gardenly lurvely Cyberview Lodge! [yes it’ll be a garden wedding]

Unfortunately Madame, Mrs Foo and I werent able to make it for the party cos we were stuck at work (I know on Friday nite) and I was having the king of all headaches – not the recommended condition for a party.

But I managed to do-up something nice decent for Sarah J’S hen pen book…[It could’ve been nicer but I was groggy and sleepy  at the time ;p]

Pic above : my so called tool kit..[of course it’s actually just my scrapbooking stuff]

Below:added some fine touches..V&H..Venee [Sarah J] and Hari..it’s just too boring to write on white background..so purplish pink on stripes it is~


All of us are booked in at Cyberview Lodge for the weekend.

Sat-garden do, Sunday morning-spa! Sounds like a great weekend to me!