The Pavillion is almost ready to open its doors to those with deep pockets and those who wish they had deep pockets.  It’s set to be the premiere shopping spot in KL as well as boasting 2 highrise condominiums.

I’m not one of those who’ll look at the Pavillion in awe or excitement. I would much rather  see my dear alma mater Bukit Bintang Girls School with it’s fine architecture, storing 100 years worth of memories, than a concrete skyscraper.

The school was torn down to make way for a new piece of development.

BBGS used to be in front of Star Hill. We could see Star Hill from our classrooms!

 But of course we couldn’t enter in our uniform. We believed back then that the Star Hill peeps had a secret arrangement with our school, cos anytime anyone went there in their school uniform after school, they’d get caught. Everytime. Beats me ;p

I was so disheartened when I passed the Pavillion earlier this evening. In the past when Dad’s car stopped on red at the traffic light opposite BMW’s showroom, I would unbuckle the seat belt, reach for my school bag, sling them over my shoulders and get ready to say bye for another day in school.

BBGS was special. Every BBGSian would be able to tell you about..

  • The one of a kind architecture of the building- not like the usual sekolah menengah 
  • The blocks; it wasn’t named blok 1, or blok mawar etc. We had the Prouse Wing, Art Block..
  • Our respective houses (for sports) wasn’t Rumah Merah, or Rumah Hang Tuah. But Shirtliffe (red), Prouse (purple), Green (duh green), Cooke (yellow), Maclay (blue) named after our former headmistresses. I belonged to the Shirtliffe house 🙂
  • The ribbons that we had to tie around our ponytails or pleats- we could only wear a black or white ribbon  and it had to be of a certain width. No purple, brown etc. If you tied your hair using a hair band then you’d have to tie a ribbon around it-that was the rule.Every morning the prefects would make sure we had them on and again after recess. I didnt mind. So proper..i loike!
  • The tunes we’d sing together if we had extra time during assembly “One man went to mow..went to mow a meddow, one man and his pet pomeranian pup and a bottle of pop went to mow a meadow”haha. Approach any BBGSian and she’d be able to sing this for you. Oh and of course Adelweise (all time favourite)
  • The choral speaking season. You’d hear so many different pieces  being presented in so many different very creative ways. It was compulsory for each class. I remembered we did Matilda when I was in Form One. I even had a solo ;p

I can’t attempt to finish the list cos it’s endless, really.

I loved BBGS, I’m thankful my parents decided to send me there. It had such character, and presence – and that character and presence helped mould so many fine young ladies.

I’m going to end this post with a song that I can still remember seeing everyone singing with such pride and joy, I was beaming too.. BBGS’s centenary song, when BBGS celebrated her 100th birthday.

Within These Walls 

If through these walls,
we can hear the stories long ago,
Those BBGS dreams
their hopes and more …
And if through these walls,
we can see the days before,
We’ll see the joy, the rise and growth,
Every smile that greets hello…

Names may change and faces pass,
But the tune’s the same
we’ll make it last,
We’ll learn these words before
they come to pass…
BBGS in my heart, ten decades
we’ve grown to love,
Add a hundred more,
my heart will still belong,
Within these cherished walls.

Within these walls
I’ve found meanings of love,
To conquer fears, to wipe
the sorrow tears,
here I learned of friends,
learned to give a helping hand,
And when I’m lost, they’ll guide my way
with God’s will till the end…

Names may change and faces pass,
But the tune’s the same
we’ll make it last,
We’ll learn these words before
they come to pass…
Within these walks, we’ve built our lives
For a hundred years it stayed with us,
Let us keep it standing strong…

Written by Raja Ismahan Syahnee bt. Raja Dato Ibrahim (Form 5-1992) and Nik Serena bt. Nik Zainal (Form 5 – 1993) , winners of the BBGS Centenary Song Competition.