I almost didnt make it for my dinner date last Friday with the lurvely ladies aka ze Prada Cupcakes- thanks to work la what else ;p

But I managed to go, though a few minutes late (a big improvement compared to my “a few hours” late not so grand entrance at Souled Out ;p)

We of course had a blast. Elsie was the first to arrive and unfortunately when we went to the Apartment, the waiting list was THAT long (note: the Apartment has a policy of not taking reservations from Friday to Sunday-weird, so on blue Monday when no one is really in the mood for chilling and the place is empty u can make reservations)

So Elsie and I went to Laundry to get some dinner:

  1. We shared a Cioppino (my fav)
  2. My virgin margarita didnt have salt on the rim..dunno why
  3. Wan and Aspa came along a few minutes later – didnt have enuf light to look at Wan’s pretty engagement pics (darn)
  4. We ordered carbonara that didnt show up on our table-Laundry on Friday biasala- so we cancelled

Then we got a call from the Apartment-there was a table available for us, so  went off to the Apartment for meals, dessert, and koh-fee. At the Apartment:

  1. We got the side “smoking” section seats, a bit cramped but ok la- would’ve preferred sitting outside
  2. Zoey came, looking all dolled up in her summer tube dress ( i loike – we must switch at our next swap-what-you-dont-want session)
  3. had an African waiter that was a bit kelakar and I think had a crush on Zoey haha
  4. Elsie went shutter-manic with her new N73 ;p
  5. We ordered chicken in the bag (good) meringue with peach and strawberry (good) and this other dish with large prawns (ok la, a bit bland)
  6. latte wasn’t too bad
  7. the Apartment’s decor get’s you into this Soho mood,and they have a console and dj playing latin, and mix of some other genre which adds to the spunky ambience-nice

But if you’re looking to go there for a first date, no need la, cos you’d have to up the volume when speaking, so kills the flirting, i-wanna-get-you mood. Although I’m not too sure whether the dj spins on other nights as well, Zoey you know?

Then we decided we’d go to Starbucks for some air suam and wind down- it’s quiter there. Anyway, we were hogging the table at the Apartment and people were queing outside like it’s a club- so I’m sure we made some folks happy by making a move


  1. Shared a bottle of Nantucket Nectares Big Cranberry
  2. Talked
  3. took silly pics
  4. talked sumore
  5. sumore silly pics

Then at about 1 plus we made a move.

It was another night of good laughs, bitching sessions (can’t do without), updates and plans.

Oh but this time at 3 different spots *wink*

Pic: L-R Zoey, Aspa, Wan, Elsie

Absent: Nigs