For dog and cat lovers.

Sixth Sense Pet Boutique and Grooming Parlour in Hartamas.

 Owned by Marilyn, a lady that will definitely remind you of Yoko Ono thanks to her long black tresses (not the rebonding style-hence the Yoko Ono look).

The dogs that are there for day care roam freely in the shop, but dont worry, they would happily shoo the cute doggies to the back of the shop before you enter…and nope no dog poop on the floor and the place does not have a nasty smell.

What you can find in the store? Stuff your dog/cat needs like food and the ones that you buy to pamper the little ones..tops, toys, comfy modern patterned pillows etc.

They have obedience classes for dogs too, not sure if they have classes for cats.25072007021-small.jpg25072007016-small.jpg25072007017-small.jpg

I bought Kiki or Boo(don’t know which one of them will get it) a top. A slightly naughty one haha.