At this hour last week I got news from Madame that Pritha had passed away. I was lost for words, stumped..and for a few minutes the only thing I could utter was what Oh My God..Oh My God why.. how.. when?

Cos two nights earlier, we were out with her for Suhana’s farewell, laughing at her sharp one liners…enjoying each other’s company in the Bisek Bisek. 

She seemed so normal..no signs to show that she was going to say goodbye to all of us.

She was a dear friend to many and also to the SC.

SC was quiet last week..everyone trying to accept her tragic death..her life ended in her own home..hit by her own car.

We attended the service last Thursday…church was full. It was testimony to her big heart and the many friends she made.

I wasnt close to Pritha, Friday night was the first time I was out with her. Previously my interactions with her were sporadic..birthdays at the office, or when I needed info on our internal audit process.

But I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss.

“Life is short so live it to the fullest” As cliche as it sounds. It holds barrels of truth.

Say i love you to those that you love

Show that you love them

Apologise to those that you have wronged

Love yourself and make a difference

Pritha left us. She left like the rest..reminding us that this life is not permanent.

I’m glad I was out with her that Friday and sent her back to SC that night after dinner. I heard her say

“Bye Nadia, thanks for the ride..I’ll see you on Monday!”

Little did I know then that I wasn’t meant to see her…not on Monday or ever again.

She’ll be remembered and missed by many.

Above: Pritha with Shireen