Raihan called again yesterday 🙂

She calls once a week, she insists that she calls cos in her words

“It’s dirt cheap Dya, takpa biaq aku call hang” [she still maintains her Kedah slang, though she’s now living in Canberra ;p]

Whatever the arrangement , so long as we get to be in the loop of the what, when and whos who in our lives. Raihan picks the weirdest time to call…while I’m at work, and so far each time it’s about 20 min before i’m about to enter a meeting. Perfect timing.

 Raihan and I go a loong way back-let me share some of the highlights:

  • our trip to South Africa for the Worlds Debating Championship, and to the mall in Stellenbosch hunting for cili padi [yes in South Africa] cos the food was so bland  and Raihan especially had no selera makan haha.
  • we won the Women’s Ivy hosted by MMU [we were a smashing team!]
  • the many sleepovers spent chatting, debating, and NOT sleeping
  • my SOS cries for help and her SOS cries
  • the arguments and misunderstandings [any normal friendship must have its share of this]
  • being her bride’s maid, and spending the time in Kedah with her and her family [including in-laws ;p]

the list is endless, she has been there for me through my high and lows, and she STILL is.

She’s been telling me to move to Canberra [perhaps I will ;p] and she picked Canberra as my honey moon spot too [umm can consider].

Ahh yes..Raihan Chapman.. who now plays soccer in winter on Sundays, and was voted the Best Player at her last game is a great friend…a sister. Can’t wait to catch her and Andrew in November.