Zoey Ink 

Ok before I even start to blog away- I must document my sorry to Zoey for not helping her out with her Miami Ink project. I just couldn’t find an ideal time to do it, once I’m home after work.. I’m often just too tired to do anything but have a quick chat with my folks, shower, chat date with Kuc then sleep.

Takpe Zoey, Miami Ink will wait for you ;p and I’ll send you a balloon bouquet..pink hearts and smileys? Sorry Zoey! Cupcakes on me this Friday eh.


This week was crazy- I was entrusted with another portfolio. Yikes! I really hope I can come up to speed fast enuf-very nervous about it,but it’s great exposure, even more direct dealings with intermediaries, good!

Like always I looked forward to the weekend, not like it wasnt as hectic as the weekdays that passed cos my weekend was filled with “things-to-do” too.

Cancelled plan for Body Step at Axis

Was supposed to go for the Body Step class at Axis @ 3:15pm yesterday- but Dad wanted to leave for my aunty’s pot luck early and I was too lazy to drive there on my own- so my plan for a good leg + thigh + ass workout was bumped off.

I consoled myself by the fact that I went for Line Dance Funk on Monday & Body Step on Wednesday- so requirement for cardio workout this week- done.

Although I totally pigged out at my aunty’s place yesterday-so much for burning calories.

 Judging Friendly Tournie

The Australasian Debating Championship will kick off this Wednesday, UITM is hosting the tournie this year- they won the bid against New Zealand.

International teams from Australia, Singapore, Korea etc have started arriving since Saturday and  also began sparring sessions with the local teams.

Sparring sessions= warm up= spying out for competition before the tournie begins ;p

I had to go to campus and judge a few rounds today, IIU & NTU (Singapore) sparring  – deciding over motions arguing Aborigine politics in Australia to the military govt in Thailand- fun eh for a Sunday? haha.

And I pigged out again- we had Domino’s for lunch. I couldnt resist. IIU always provides good food..aren’t we spoiled ;p

Pic above: School debaters who came to watch the sessions waiting to snap some slices.

So..weekend’s almost over and I’ve not had any “me” time yet. Blurgh!

I’ll just go do up a foot soak for myself, grab the latest Economist and chill. [I realised after the debates that I’ve lost track of quite a number of the current issues-shame on me]

This coming weekend should be exciting-there are goats involved (ye kambing..kambing hidup ;p)- so watch out for that post.