dinner-with-alina-005.jpgthe art piece in our bisek bisekdinner-with-alina-009.jpgdinner

dinner-with-alina-002.jpgBora through a lensedinner-with-alina-006.jpgMadame

“Are we lost?” That was one of the first remarks I made while driving through Kg Sg Penchala for Alina’s farewell dins. We passed by warongs with patrons watching WWF, small kedai runcits and young kids on motorbikes without helmets on [see I had reasons to think we were lost]. 

But Madame assured me that we weren’t lost and indeed we weren’t..just a few minutes after exiting Penchala Link, wheezing through the kampong we arrived at Bora Asmara [got connection with Bora Ombak? maybe] 

Ambience is something that Bora Asmara boasts..and you’d have to be blind to not notice the Balinese influence at Bora ..from the Balinese gargoyle stone lamps to Bali thatched roofs. This Bali inspired garden eatery serves Indonesian, Western and local dishes.  

I was more excited about the setting than the food [wedding reception at Bora Asmara..hmm? ;p]  The place automatically puts one on the romantic-wind down mode- preferred mode after the rat race comes to a temporary halt. 

At Bora, you can choose to dine al fresco, in the Bala Gede [air conditioned], or in the few bisek-bisek [private hut] that sits 6 comfortably [I believe you can request for more sitting pillows if you there are more than 6 of you].  

Unfortunately the food wasn’t able to match the ambience- it’s not awful but not great.But I enjoyed the Lemongrass Chiller..iced serai.If I’m not mistaken Bora is also open for lunch but doubt the feel of the setting will be as great..no night breeze, lamps etc.

It should definitely be your pick if you’re staying/working near the area,dont want to curse while looking for a parking space and definitely a pick if you’re in the mood for some Balinese ambience and coo coo time.

 Directions to Bora Asmara:

Get on the Penchala Link,take the Kg Sg Penchala exit, left at the first traffic light [in front of the mosque] then drive straight on for a bit, it’ll be on your left-you wont miss it.