Went to a Vietnamese restaurant near home just now to get dinner and I saw what I consider an extremely irritating sight…a guy carrying his girlfriend’s handbag! 

I’m very very confused as to why this –unexplainable- -unfortunate- phenomenon that’s becoming a bit too common these days in Malaysia is happening. I’ve been tempted to go up to the girl and ask her “Why oh why is your boyfriend carrying your handbag?” But nope my sane side [yes I have one haha] will hold me back and save me from what I expect would have been a very awkward situation for all of us. 

So I decided to just place my questions on this puzzling practice in my blog. 

I’ve seen really feminine-ly designed totes to aunty looking bags on the shoulders of a guy. It’s different if the wife is carrying an infant in her arms or a 4 year old who refuses to walk…but no..most of the time-the girl/woman/lady is just walking freely with nothing impeding her from using her own shoulder to sling the bag…jalan melenggang (bak kata orang Melayu ;p) Puzzling. 

Ladies– I’m guessing the bag you picked for that outing was intended to match thelook you were going for..scruffy out of bed, Barbie doll plastic, boho….5thavenue chic..whichever..(well I do that…matching color for color is a bit passé) so why do you get the guy to hold your bag?? Unless you picked out a man bag for yourself.  

Guys-My only question is.. don’t you feel emasculated? 

Please don’t mistaken me for a woman who wants her man to be Hercules-like manly..I’m ok with guys embracing all colors including pink (Kuc does-and he looks good ;p) they ought to go for manicures and pedicures, or facials ( if they want to) have a skin care regime..etc…but I simply draw the line at carrying handbags.. blurgh! (there’s just something very off with that) 

Is this the new age form of PDA (Public Display of Affection)??  If it is then I say no clutch..holdall..buckle bag.. whichever..stays with me 🙂

The only thing Kuc carries for me is my Crumpler..cos I don’t trust leaving dear lap-t in the car..and I doubt a Crumpler can be classified as a handbag. 

I’m very puzzled- I hope someone can offer me an explanation (I’m sure there’s a reason for this) or else I’ll just roll my eyes and have that bewildered look on my face anytime I see a female accessory on the shoulder of a man. 

Notice the pic-it’s on her hand not his ;p