It was that time of the year again for Dad to take his workers away for a retreat. And as always on previous retreats..our whole extended family..aunties,uncles, cousins, nephews would tag along.So last Thursday night all of us left for Langkawi, for a 3d2n stay at Berjaya Resort.. consistent with our previous sand & sea trips to Redang, Perhentian…

Let me share one of the highlights of the was the evening when all of us went down to the beach to fly kites..yup main laying-layang. I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite…must’ve been ages ago.

 My uncle’s Bali workers made them..if I’m not mistaken they made 11 kites in different shapes and colors.[Talented eh?]

 It was fun!

Tugging at it when it looked like it’s about to fall or giving it sumore benang [thread] when there was enough wind and it could fly higher..not easy peasy k ;p

I was proud of my little layang-layang..mine had a slim long tail ;p…it flew wayyyy up way up that it was a bit tiring reeling it in when it was time to wrap up.

The layang-layang idea was a great one..everyone took turns to was a breath of fresh air from the usual beach ball game [though of course that took place simultaneously- ball + sand= auto beach ball game], walk on the beach or making sand castles.

 twin cousins, sister and aunt taking a stab at beach ball!

Nothing but wind, sand, and good ol fashion layang-layang for a spectacular time in the sun!

Can you spot my kite in the pic? It’s the one with the slightly pinkish tail and no the one next to it is not a bird.