Within 45 minutes of arriving home from work I drove out again with Nasha to Bangsar..all cos I felt like eating salmon. And dad wanted apple pie with ice cream, and the best place I knew that’s not too far (mind you I stay in Shah Alam) to get both under one roof was Bangsar Village.

Delicious has salmon and toast on the menu..a fair amount of salmon.yum!

For dad’s pie..now that was a whole hunt..I thought I’d just go to Suchan (on the way stop by Lollipops to see if there are any newbies I can pick up..bag temptation.-hardest to fight haha) but unfortunately Suchan ran out of pie..so next stop ws Haagen Dazs..the slice was small but no choice..however no-go at Haagen Dazs either..cos they didnt do take outs for pie (silly!)

Why go all over? Well if only Delicious had apple pie as part of that long list of sweetlicious stuff they had..then sister and I wouldnt have to go through all the trouble,but Delicous has blackberry apple crumble..too bad dad’s not a fan of blackberry…and he wanted pie..or else the hunt could’ve been officially over.


In the end “takut kempunan” I picked up a slice of apple crumble from Coffee Bean and a slice of pecan pie for myself. Dad was a bit dissapointed but he finished it nevertheless ;p

So I got my salmon..as for dad..he’ll have to wait till tomorrow..I’ll get him a whole pie 🙂