I remember complaining and whining quite often at debate tournaments.. (actually I shouldnt just implicate myself.. all the debaters whine! haha) some of the most common things we complain about are, in no particular order:

  • The Tab: usually cos it’s late (Tab= results from the last round which determines match-ups for the next one) Why does it take so long? most of the time its cos the adjudicators take too long to fill in the scoresheets and when they do.. they sometimes mess up the scores which screws up the tabulation process.blurgh!
  • Sucky run-down motions- (motions= topics we debate on) anything that has to do with the Israel-Palestine conflict is run down (no not cos I dont think the issue is of global importance.. it is) but not to be debated till its death at countless tournaments.Camp David repeated 100 times..not fun.
  • Lousy accomodation- yes debaters have all had their share, although we are sometimes spoilt.I  had cosy acco when I was in Melbourne, it was in Melbourne unis dorm- but it was single occupancy AND had a fire place (beat that), South Africa-Stellenbosch uni wasn’t too bad either..room had a priceless view. Usually international tournaments are ok but lcoal tournaments…depends on your luck and the host.
  • Horrible food- ahh yess.. so they say the tummy offers the nastiest critique, we’ve had everyhting from packed nasi ayam..to no-flavor-bland veg pizza!  The worst thing is when you’re overseas and organisers have difficuly finding halal food..then no choice..unless we choose to knot our tummies and try finding halal food in a foreign town.

So there you go..the list of complaints..owe up guys I’m sure at one of the numerous tournies we’ve competed in, Australs, Worlds, AUDC, Asians, Royals..surely something must’ve gone wrong..oh yea I forgot the king of all complaints…I can bet my last sen on this one..debaters must have at least once complain that..

they had  bad adjudicators judging in their room (bad= the judge gave them the loss) and we’d all have the reasons why we think the judge was lousy..he read into the debate, he was bias,it was his first time judging..bla bla..haha. Well I’m guilty.. I’ve lost rounds too and yes unfortunately thanks to bad judges.

Well peeps the organisers of WUPID (CIMB World Universities Peace Invitational Debate) are making sure that none of the debaters competing at the tournament will whine, complain, or get worked up over anything else but silly rebuttals or arguments ( believe me debaters confidently arguing nonsense can be quite irritating). H&G is the event organiser (great job my lil Kuc!)

I wont spill the details, you can and must check out WUPID’s website or WUPID’s blog..by the way funky name eh..pronounced Whoop-it..haha.

Motions will be fresh, sure we’ve all had peace as end-objectives for our cases but this time they must be the gist of your arguments. Debaters will get a chance to attend a Corporate Social Responsibility Conference (if you dont know what that is- dont call yourself a debater) and since it’s invitational…you’ll be debating against the best of the best.. Oxford A anyone? (hold on.. they still the top team? I’ve not checked the rankings).

It’ll be held end of this year.. so watch that space.