For lunch today, my colleagues and I headed out to Saravana Bhavan in Telawi Bangsar. Madame told me they serve vegetarian food…and chicken that’s not chicken but vegetarian..something like chicken tasting tofu (am I making sense?maybe not)

Well I’m not so fact to be more accurate I’m not familiar at all with Indian food. So this was a chance for me to experiment.

If you’re alien to the food like I am, then navigating through the menu at Saravana will be a bit difficult. Luckily for me Venee aka Sarah J (call her Sarah J cos she reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker ;p) was there.

But I shouldnt scare you.. they do have descriptions of the dishes in English..and they’ve got quite an array of dishes there.

The four dishes that we ordered were:

Madame had Vegetarian Chicken Briyani..the chicken that’s not chicken dish. And I must say the briyani was delicious! The rice berderai (what’s the translation for that in English) rice wasn’t lumpy? ..there. And it came in a reasonable portion that wont make you feel like you’ve been ripped of your money.

Oh yea and the veg chicken did taste like chicken. Interesting eh..I’ve yet to figure out how it’s made.

300520071246-medium.jpgVegetarian Chicken Briyani RM7.50

We also shared some Bainan Bartha..brinjal dish. Goes well with the briyanis. (RM8.50  for a bowl)

Sarah J had the Paneer Pulao..I love the name..very exotic. I’ll get Sarah J to leave a comment on this one to describe it.. but I’ll was rice mixed with Indian cheese (oh dear..I hope I’m doing justice to the food). This was tasty too.. though since it has cheese as a main ingredient it may turn out to be an acquired taste for some. But I liked it.

All the briyani came with this white gravy thingy that had onions in it..(I’m really showing that I have no idea about  Indian food arent I..eek)

300520071247-medium.jpg Paneer Pulao RM8.00

I had the Masala Dosa and it was the first time I ever ate such a huge tose..the last time I had tose was when I pinched some from Sarah J and the other  from my mum and that was it…my whole tose history.

But the tose at Saravan was good…not too sour,though I prefer the tose to be soft, so I had to tear out the crispy parts..the next time I’m there I’ll get them to make it soft all around. Had 4 different I amateurishly dipped the tose into all four. It was very filling and Sarah J told me it’s high in protein..yeay healthy living ;p

300520071244-medium.jpgMasala Dosa RM3.50

Norlin had Poori Masala which looked a bit obscene…ha ha.300520071242-medium.jpg 

Dont you think so? Anyhoo..this I didnt get the chance to taste..but Norlin was eating away so I’m guessing it was good too.

For dessert Sarah J picked out the Carrot’s like a paste..taste of carrots (duh) though not overwhelming and milk as well. Wasn’t too sweet..which is good. Should share it..cos it may be too “heavy” for single consumption.

300520071249-medium.jpg Carrot Halwa 100gm for RM5.00

The place is air conditioned, clean, has a clean restroom too. Service is ok (nothing to complain about). Not crowdy..wasn’t full when we were there. Parking- can park at Jolly Green, won’t advise you to try your luck finding parking along the street. Location: same row as Public Bank so dont park at BV..too far.

I would definitely go there again, food’s good, not pricey..recommended-especially for anyone alien to Indian food.