Sunday is not a good day to be in KLCC or wait any mall for that matter.

I was already contemplating on using the valet service at Mandarin..scared that I wouldnt be able to find parking. But my brothers told me “takpe sure ada”. Lucky enough for me I didn’t have to drive around for 20 mins cursing at every turn looking for a space…I found one just as I got in.

Anyhoos, KLCC was filled with people..too-busy-during-weekdays-parents making up to their kids for the lost TLC, love birds of all ages and other classifications/types of people possible.

Defintiely not a time for window shopping, gift hunting or a calm mall stroll with your other half.

Brothers and I just headed straight for Topshop..I wanted to check out the Kate Moss collection which made its debut on Thursday,the twins shopped for some shirts and t-shirts.

Well if any of you are expecting to have a whole section filled with Kate’s pieces then you’re in for a dissapointment (so I was dissapointed).

They only had a few pieces..I got myself a double wrapped studded belt and the signature top.dsc04081-medium.jpg

Wanted to get the Gothic Print Tee but my size ran out.Boo. See the cute K in the middle.


Topshop will be bringing in new pieces every Thursday.