I only had an hour plus to get ready, dolled up and get my tush to the Jelatek LRT station and meet the rest of the girls .This was last Sunday, when we made our way to Wan’s wedding reception in Ampang. But actually more like Alimin’s reception, cos Wan’s reception was in Kelantan, which unfortunately all of us missed.

I was driving like I was in a police chase in hopes of reaching  Jelatek by 1pm cos considerate little me did not want to keep the ladies waiting.

But despite my manoeuvrings and speeding (luckily tak kena saman) I still had to send Mc-g an “I’m sorry Mc, running slightly late, spare me 5-10mins”.

When I arried, I only saw 2 out of 6 of the ladies that were supposed to be there..hmmph! :p (and I was so worried of holding everyone up)…but the rest arrived shortly after. Our designated “convoy leader” Ms Noni was leading the pack with her brand new satrio neo..cute!


After getting lost, convoy causing a slight traffic jam (I shall not elaborate how that happened..very malu ;p) we finally arrived at our destination.

We got excited when we saw the big banner ..

“Selamat Datang ke Majlis Perkahwinan Tuan Alimin dan Wan Normajidah”

The guests were pouring out of the hall. I was saying to myself “it’s such a hot Sunday afternoon,why is everyone lingering outside?”

Well it definitely wasn’t because they wanted to soak in the Sunday sun but because everyone wanted to catch Wan’s grand entrance. Cos just a few seconds after we arrived, kedengaran bunyi kompang..and all of us like pappos grabbed our cameras…cam phone to capture the mo. I loved the kompang group, they added a slight hip-hop ish twist to the beat. 

 I could see Wan grinning and smiling  as she walked gracefully with her husband. She had waited for this day for the longest time.. it finally arrived and yea..she showed it..from the glow on her face to the smile she threw at us  while we watched her embracing the day.



We didn’t stay too long, after helping ourselves to some kenduri food, we made our way to the stage, sat there, took some pics, watched Wan mingling with her guests, took sumore pics, then slowly moved to the pelamin (mind you the bride and groom were not sitting on the pelamin, Emey and I were haha)… took even more pics..it didn’t help that the 3 professional photographers were also interested to take our pics. Had a real pappo moment there :p


Wan is on “wedding leave”..she sent a text earlier in the day telling us that she was fitting the gift we got for her onto her bed (got her a bed sheet if you’ve not figured it out) ..silk bed sheet…yummy!

I’ve been to 3 wedding so far for 2007  (is that a lot?) and there are a few more lined up. I must remember to

1.      Get more baju for weddings

2.      Keep my kipas lipat in the car (so that I don’t sweat my glands off the next time around)


Well that’s that for Wan’s wedding…congratulations to the both of them, like I wish all newlyweds and newlyweds to come..Semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat