minicoopercabrio.jpgThe car I hope to own the classic look of the old mini but the newbie Mini has an evergreen spunk that I’m crazy about. Often imagine myself driving one to Johor to save the seahorses *wink*

  Abang’s miniWhat my brothers used to drive, each of the twin had a mini, one red and the other green (fitted with working air con, new seats and paint job). I enjoyed the rides in the car… the Strokes blasting through the speakers, holding my breath while my brother takes a bend at high speed with ease…driving on the fast lane. Fun!

Unfortunately they had to turn the Minis in for Satrias cos the Minis couldn’t handle the travel./distance. Cyberjaya to Shah Alam..was quite far..well Cyberjaya to anywhere is far to me.

Dont get me wrong, am thankful for what I have..the wheels that I’m driving now is great.

But this’s just one of a kind.