The restaurant might have been there for a while already but I’ve never been to Restoran Kanna in Seksyen 17,PJ (behind Lisa De Inn Hotel).I hope I spelled it right, Kanna,Khanna..I’m confusing it with Khanna Penna. Anyways according to Azrina their sotong goreng is the best. So we went there for lunch.

It was packed with office peeps, but the restaurant had ample eating areas, outside under the shady trees, indoor-air conditioned and indoor-no air conditioning. Free to choose.

We Khatulistiwa ladies can’t stand the heat so we opted for the air conditioned area. It’s weird, when I’m at the beach I looovveee being in the Sun but when I’m in town I turn into a puteri lilin..weird weird.

The sotong goreng was indeed good . In Kanna the sotong is fried with onion and curry leaves, which gives a nice curry-oniony taste (duh)..and the leaves are also crunchy for it to be eaten on its own.

The rest had rice while I had roti canai (have not had one in weeks)- for the roti..I prefer the one in Rajus (next to Lasalle PJ). Dont mind paying what some would call a premium for their roti. It’s sedap and soft.

Oh yes..apart from the food.. be warned- the workers in Kanna are VERY persistent. Its a normal phenomenon in these type of restaurants to have different waiters carry different trays with different dishes…fish cutlets, thairu, all sorts of gravy, fried fish, fried chilli etc. and they’d go around offering them to the patrons. Well if you think a simple shake of your head and a “no thanks + smile” will do the trick like it usually does…well it wont in Kanna.

I felt like standing on my chair just now and making a small announcement “Perhatian kepada semua pekerja-pekerja Kanna, we do not want ANYTHING else except for the items that we’ve ordered, terima kasih”. Crazy? haha Well they were very’s as though they get paid a commission for each item they manage to put on the customer’s tab (wait do they?)

So be prepared to put a stern no-and-i-mean-NO face. Luckily the determined waiters gig is only for the first 10 minutes..then you are left in peace to enjoy your meal.Aah

Parking is a breeze, just slot 60 cents in the meter if you’re scared you’d kena saman. Not hard to find either, 12 oclock at the Rothman roundbout if you’re from Jaya supermarket, straight on, up a slope then immediate right when you see the shoplots.

The food’s ok, not as much variety of fish as Rajus and the outside eating area is not as cosy as Rajus too. It’s obvious isn’t it that I’m a big fan of Rajus ;p

But the sotong goreng with curry leaves is a must try..oh yea and also the kuah ketam.

Restoran Kanna = 2 thumbs up (out of 5 if you were wondering ;p)