Sea Cucumber Gel & Aloe Vera

Was at the Curve yesterday evening with my sister and we stopped by forest’secret. I read about the store earlier and wanted to see what they had to offer. All natural products that work..this I must see.

forest’secret like I said offers all traditional-natural resources based products, with ingredients like sirih, gamat (sea cucumber), halia etc. They’ve got supplements, body & skin care and some foodstuff. Suplements- mainly from gamat. Langkawi people must be rich selling all the gamat ;p

The interior of the shop has a clean/minimalist finishing to it-something like Body Shop. It’s a good setting. Shelves all around, and a sink in the middle (yea very like Body Shop).They’ve also got some jars of cookies to sample in one corner…so help yourselves.. the nutmeg cookie’s not bad.

forest’secret is yet to have a wide variety of products..just one range of skin care, and one set of shampoo and conditioner (inai/henna=main ingredient) for all hair types, and the body care offers only sabun lulur and taharah (mud soap).

So don’t ecxpect to walk into the store and see rows and rows of items to pick and sample, the Indonesian small stores that sell jamu type A-Z  boasts quantity/variety..quality?? hmm I dont dare say..*wink*

But having said that forest’secret should be given credit for their effort with packaging. Maybe not as fancy as L’occitane, but it’s far better than some of the dodgy packaging at the little jamu stores..haha.

 I made a purchase of the “Sea Cucumber Gel with Aloe Vera” and a set of shampoo. I can only testify for the gel, cos I used it on an unwelcomed pimple last night. It works!

This morning, the pimple made a much awaited exit from my face. This wonder of a gel is a must have for skin care regime.  It’s priced at RM22 for a small tube. I count my blessings cos I dont have an acute acne or skin problem but like most ladies, I do get the sporadic breakouts..(dont we hate them ladies)..well now no fear nor worry cos I’ve found a pimple-buster that does what it boasts it’ll do. Yeay!!

forest’secret is still young, but I’m sure in months to come they’ll have more products  and if they’re as good as the gel.. then they’ve got a customer in me!