FurballKikiKiki and Boo

My brother brings them home occasionally- the 2 adorable furry rascals…Kiki and Boo. Barely a few months old, and they’re already so big, and heavy. Very very playful, they’d hop on bed with me, lie on their backs and wait for a tickle or tummy rub, criss cross around our legs when we walk, and I thought cats hate water,.but these 2 love getting wet, Nasha picks them up and craddle them like babies..she’s sending subtle hints to me to quicky get married and have kids..haha. Soon piggy :p

And Boo has a funny habit (can I call it that?)..she sticks out her tongue like a dog, panting..no it’s not because she’s thirsty..we checked.and she wags her tail everytime she’s excited. Doesnt that sound like something dogs would do?

 Maybe it’s just me..am not too familiar with cats..but her habit is very peculiar…cute but a bit too dog like..hihi.

They’ll be going back with my brother soon..it’s fun having them around..and I prefer the occasional visits..cos am a bit lazy to clean up their litter trays after they drop a bomb. The house will be quiet once they’ve gone back..no more ringing of bell collars or Kiki waiting in the morning to enter my room .

They’ll come around again, and next time I’m gonna have some cute cat tank tops to fit them in.