My parents are about to go out and look for garden lights, our shrubs and trees have  grown and are shading out the lighting from the existing  lights. Lighting the garden is handy especially because my parents like to entertain their guests outside.

I’m still in my jammie top & cherry boxers that Elsie got for me, dont think I’ll get out of them until it’s 5..haha. Ultra pemalas. Hey it is a public hol. I spend 85% of the year in suits and heels, I deserve to be a bum on these rare and far in between holidays.

 Was flipping through the travel section of the NST, wanting to see if they had any bright suggestions for me and saw an article on climbing up Mount Kinabalu. I was there 2 years ago (not Mount Kinabalu) but Kundasang which is somwehere around it, well I could see Mount Kinabalu so I knew I was close. It was a beautiful sight.. One of these days before I kick the bucket I must make sure I conquer that terrain.

I’ll be spending most of my day today studying (and tutor my sister for her Economics paper) cos I’m due for special exams next week..missed the paper cos of my trip to Beijing..urrghh! But it’s the last set of paper and the only thing pending before I grace the stage for graduation again is to submit my research paper on Community Trade. Yea the trade programme that the likes of Body Shop and Starbucks  partake in with marginalised communities. I’m very proud and glad that I chose that topic,it’s real. it’s more me to write on Community Trade than writting on China or GATTS ;p

Now I’m contemplating whether or not to go for the Body Balance class at Axis. Not that many classes today cos it’s a public at manulife and the curve. Am pretty comfortable in my gym?jammies? Let’s toss a coin.

I think I’ll go to the gym, I’ll set tomorow as a “laze in my jammies day”. Good thing that we’ve got 2 days of hols. Gone are those days as an undergrad when hols were weeks long.

 I can smell the kuah mee udang that my sister is heating up. Mum makes the best mee udang!  save it for when I get back.. it’s not best practice to stuff myself before a workout eh.